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Control cabinet construction | Switchgear & pump

Perfectly crafted control cabinets, thoroughly tested and first-class documented

Pump control Switch cabinet construction

Highly efficient switchgear cabinet construction becomes possible when the manufacturing processes are standardized from the start of production to the quality inspection of the switchgear. The Sourcetronic control cabinet team achieves this through a coordinated product and system portfolio, many common parts, and a high degree of digitalization. Less is more – this is Sourcetronic’s philosophy in switchgear cabinet construction. The high level of experience with pump control systems allows a reduced use of resources with optimal performance for your pump systems. Compliance with country-specific standards such as UL, IEC, CSA, EN 60204, EN 61439, DGUV and BG is a matter of course. The user interface of a system is the key element for the optimal production process. The visualization for pump systems is constantly being further developed with the strong inclusion of customer ideas. This leads again and again to ergonomically and intuitively perfectly operable interfaces.