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Installation | Service, Assembly & Maintenance

Comprehensive service for control systems: Installation, assembly, maintenance and modernization

Pump Control Installation & Service

Sourcetronic certified service technicians are experts in providing fast and qualified on-site installation and commissioning of pumping equipment and control systems. Service technicians undergo rigorous, product-specific training before being deployed on-site for service. Sourcetronic technicians’ years of specialization, expertise, and experience with pumping equipment help shorten commissioning times. Parallel to the trial run, your operators will be familiarized with the system. After final acceptance, you can look forward to reliable pump operation of your system.

Avoiding causes of failure

Of course, you will be advised on how to avoid possible future causes of failure. Since failures know no appointment calendar, the mobile service team is on call for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many failures can already be solved by remote support via telephone and internet e.g. Teamviewer – 24 hours a day around the globe. Pump controls and pump systems that have been in use for a long time often no longer meet today’s requirements in terms of reliability and speed. An economical alternative to the purchase of a new pump and system is the modernization of the pump control “retrofit” to the latest technological standards. Here, Sourcetronic offers customized and multi-stage solutions for the renewal of your automation system.