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Drinking water, service water, fire-fighting wells, sprinkling always the right control. Comfortable pump control for your well. Simple operation.



Pump control for the well

Structures in groundwater, such as drinking water wells, service water wells, fire-fighting wells, irrigation wells represent a special challenge for planning and execution. All this requires a high level of expertise for the well builder and many questions arise, for example, about soil conditions, drilling depth and drilling diameter. In addition, there is the technically precise development of the well and the installation of the pump. Sourcetronic supports you in electrotechnical and electronic questions and enables a fast implementation of the control technology. From the installation of simple SPC standard pump controls, the connection of the pump and cable installation to the project planning of complex pump installations.

Pump control well

The comfortable SPC pump control system controls the pump gently with ramps and according to demand. This results in potential savings such as reduced wear on the riser (no jerky start-up), elimination of throttle valves and a general reduction in electricity costs. The electronic minimum speed monitoring reduces the mechanical load on the submersible motor pump or deep well pump and ensures sufficient lubrication.

In daily practice, it is not always possible to service all systems on site. Decentralized pump and well stations can therefore be controlled and monitored via the web-based Sourcetronic Remote Management. Highly effective, the remote system helps to monitor and conveniently control the pumps, sensors, meters and pump controls.

Well control – a holistic taskExpert advice pump control

As a user, the most important question for you is: How can you operate your wells safely, efficiently and autonomously? Electrotechnical control systems offer concrete solutions for all these challenges. Sourcetronic realizes corresponding systems by implementing different partial aspects, which finally result in an overall strategy for intelligent pump control. This holistic approach is a decisive advantage, as it is important to plan the system as comprehensively as possible for optimal operation. In the following, you will get an overview of the most important services in this context.


    • Integration of sensors in wells

Operators of well systems have to keep an eye on numerous operating variables: Water level, line pressure, pumping capacity and many other data should be collected daily. Although this ties up valuable working time, there is usually still no real-time overview of the entire pumping system.

The integration of sensors in drilled, sunk or driven wells provides a remedy. Chips for recording pressure and temperature as well as level probes for measuring the water level continuously supply important data. This relieves you as the operator in your daily work and ensures safety: A sudden drop in pipe pressure can indicate a defect – intelligent software with pipe burst detection immediately triggers an alarm. In addition, sensors provide the data basis for autonomous operation of the pump control.


    • Valve and slide control

If you integrate such a sensor network into your pumping system, you can also automate valve and gate control with the appropriate controller. For this purpose, the central unit of the well control system is set to implement certain targets. This can be a constant flow rate, for example, and dynamic adjustment of the output can also be programmed. The system then reacts independently to external influences within the specifications by opening or closing valves or slide gates.


    • Safe protection for pumps

When operating wells, there is always a risk that the water level will drop below a critical level. To make it easier for users to control the level and increase operational safety, it is advisable to also integrate dry-running protection into the well control system. With suitable level probes and appropriately programmed software, this is no problem. If desired, you as the operator can obtain direct access to the measured data, so that you can also call up the water levels of various pumping systems manually from the control center.

As part of the planning process, ST technicians can also integrate other assemblies such as pressure switches or pulse counters into the pump control system. Since the electrical engineering for the well is put together individually, various customer-specific adaptations are possible.


    • Standard-compliant electrical installation on site

Once the technology has been planned and developed, it can be installed directly on site at the pumping station. This means that the cabling, the control cabinet construction and all other work within the scope of the electrification are completely taken over. It goes without saying that the ST team carries out the installation in accordance with standards – this ensures safety. In addition, the connection standard ensures flexibility: The control system can be combined with the technology of all pump manufacturers.


    • Commissioning of the system and training of the employees

With Sourcetronic as your partner, you benefit from particularly comprehensive offers. The service extends from the conception of the circuit diagram to the final commissioning. In this context, it is a good idea to train your employees in the use of the new pump control system. Corresponding possibilities are available for small to large companies.


    • Comfortable operation and advantages of a modern control system

The well control system can be operated either directly at the plant or from a central location. In any case, the control program is designed intuitively and simply. As a user, you can call up measured values on the screens, for example, or regulate the pump’s output manually.

In day-to-day operation, the visualization is primarily used for control purposes, because the pump control acts autonomously. It thus makes a significant contribution to operating the entire system more efficiently and economically. A considerable savings potential is offered, for example, by the demand-based adjustment of the pump capacity: The consumption of unnecessary kilowatt hours is avoided. Many other advantages result from the individual pump concept.


Well control in practiceExpert advice pump control

The areas of application for modern pump control extend across many industries. Automation technology for wells is becoming increasingly popular with municipal water suppliers, communities and sewage treatment plants, among others. Interesting areas of application also arise in the construction industry, in agricultural technology and in the field of well construction in general. Some practical examples show the possibilities offered by modern automation technology:

Control system for horizontal drilling

For a company in the field of horizontal drilling we have built a complete control system which is mounted mobile on a truck (see photo attached). Control system for horizontal drilling All drives are variable in speed and are operated by manual or automatic programs. The aggregates and the process water are brought in fully automatically according to the programs. On-site staff can conveniently control the programs remotely via commercially available tablets. The drilling mud is recycled, thus minimizing water consumption.

Production wells and absorption wells

For large buildings, geothermal energy offers interesting opportunities, but also poses special challenges. These are best mastered with a customized pumping system. A corresponding project was realized with a network of several pumps. Specifically, it involved the supply of a large shopping center. For this, Sourcetronic developed a concept that has been successfully applied.

A total of eight delivery wells and four absorption wells were distributed on the site for this purpose. A PLC from Siemens controls the water extraction from a central point. Frequency converters are used to regulate the individual pumps, which also save a considerable amount of electricity. The finely tuned control system reacts dynamically to changes in the weather or water level. Even the failure of a pump is automatically regulated by the system so that the flow rate remains constant.

Self-sufficient water supply for bulk consumers

Self-supply with water from wells is an attractive model for private and commercial users. Large plants in particular benefit greatly from intelligent well control. One of the challenges here is the so-called pressure surges on the ring main, because they put a strain on the system. With an integrated control system, this problem can be eliminated.

Likewise, the technology ensures constant pressure in the line – even when water is drawn from several locations. Investing in modern well technology also makes good economic sense. The savings in water and electricity are so high that the system can pay for itself after only about a year.

Process monitoring and overview as advantages in the application

Regardless of the type of application, data evaluation on the PC is a major advantage offered by Sourcetronic solutions. The necessary information is provided by the data logger, which continuously records measured values such as pressure, water volume and output. This allows you not only to check and visualize the condition of your system, but also to detect defects. For example, a loss of pressure is an indication of a leakage, which can be quickly noticed and then repaired in this way. If desired, the query can be realized web-based with the remote system. This means that, in principle, you can access your pump and well control system from any location.

Wide range of applications thanks to individual solutions

One of Sourcetronic’s key services is the individualization of the well control system. This means that the technology is precisely adjusted to the needs and requirements of your plant. It is thus possible to equip various types of wells with a PLC. The compatible variants include horizontal and vertical wells, absorption wells, drilled wells, shaft wells and driven wells. An on-site analysis will reveal which options and opportunities are available to you in each individual case.

Service for well operators – submit your inquiry nowExpert advice pump control

As a well operator, would you like to benefit from greater efficiency, operational reliability and convenient operation? We would be happy to develop an individual concept for well control on your behalf. Take advantage of our offer for a personal consultation now.


  • Simple intuitive operation
  • Standard-compliant electrical installation on site
  • Integration of sensors (pressure, level probes, temperature)
  • Valve and gate control
  • Safe pump protection incl. dry run protection
  • Pulse counter
  • Commissioning and plant training