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Company | Robust controls for your pumps

Pump controls for real added value


In the special field of pump controls, Sourcetronic helps customers at home and abroad to achieve their set goals quickly and conveniently. The technicians and technical consultants maintain close personal contact with the customer. As a training company, you benefit from an all-embracing service at a high quality level. Sourcetronic’s range of services includes project planning, switchgear construction, programming and on-site service of convenient pump control systems. Pump and system operators benefit from every development step through more comfort and efficiency. Inquire now.

Your technical consultant Jan Wittrock:

Sourcetronic relies on “self-organized” teams in which everyone makes their own decisions. In the dynamic innovative environment of pump systems and plants, we are therefore able to adapt extremely quickly to the market. Your requirements and wishes are thus implemented in a more agile manner.