Industrial Pump Control

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The comprehensive range of reliable pump controllers, sensors, inverters and power supplies for virtually all industries and applications meets the highest quality requirements and performance standards. New interfaces and modules make SPC pump controls fit for digitalization. The coordinated components are used in standard control as well as tailored to individual requirements. Whatever your pump application, the Sourcetronic team has probably already dealt with it or with a similar system.

Driving pumps more efficiently

When industrial pump controls are intelligently set up and programmed, savings of up to 70% can be achieved. Demand-driven operation increases pump efficiency and availability. Benefit from constant control of the system and thus safe pump operation. The SPC control continuously processes the values and data of your pump and thus monitors the permissible operating range at all times. This ensures continuous availability of the system.

The focus at Sourcetronic is always on optimizing process automation for you and thus increasing the quality and productivity of your processes, while at the same time paying attention to energy and raw material efficiency and always putting safety first. There are many reasons to control a pump according to demand via speed control. For example, the level-dependent filling of containers or the level control of shafts, basins or cisterns. Furthermore, pumps can be controlled depending on pressure, temperature and time. If the flow rate fluctuates, parallel operation or a cascade circuit may be used.

SPC - The heart of pump control

Pump control SPC

With the compact Standard Pump Control SPC, the set pressure can be conveniently adjusted via a precise potentiometer. In addition, a dry-running protection and motor protection switch is integrated. With a switch, you can flexibly choose between manual and automatic operation. In automatic mode, the pump-optimized PID control takes over the safe, quiet yet dynamic operation of the system.

  • Ideal control strategy for your application
  • Switching loads via frequency converters without mechanical contactors
  • Customized accessories, such as EMC filters, heaters, thermostats
  • Sensible use of sensors, e.g. for temperature, pressure, level, etc.
  • Controls for pumps up to a power of more than 1,000 KW
  • Total protection concept of the pump system
  • Planning of the pump control by expert consultants
  • Set-up and commissioning service
  • Use of the control software ST®Drive or smartphone ST®APP
  • On request with process data analysis ST®Analytics
  • Cloud data acquisition and control possible
  • Plant control with smartphone via GSM

The touch panel as a pump control unit allows you to have a good process overview and easy operation of the plant. Depending on your needs, one pump or several pumps can be controlled with it. The measured values from the external sensors, as well as alarms and fill levels, converge here centrally and are displayed in a user-friendly manner. In the process, a large amount of process data may be generated that can be easily and quickly evaluated via the connected Sourcetronic process data analysis ST®Analytics.

Use of sensors

Pump control sensors

Protecting the pump and pump motor is a priority, as pump failure can have serious consequences. The SPC pump control ensures that the motor and pump do not overheat and that the pump does not run dry. The controller detects the status of the process variables required to protect the pump. This means that all devices and sensors that monitor the process are integrated, such as:

  • Motor overload - Pump protection in case the pump motor current is above its rated load
  • Temperature sensor - Pump protection in case the pump or motor is above the temperature limit
  • Level sensor - Pump control and protection to ensure pump does not run dry
  • Flow sensor - Used to check if the pump is moving
  • Pressure sensor - Used to control the pumps and adjust the speed

Easy to install pump control

With the self-explanatory "step-by-step" assembly instructions, the pump control can be installed perfectly. Pre-parameterization is already done at the factory. Simply connect the cables via the uniform pre-assembled terminals and cable glands and switch on the pump control. Seamless integration of the control, drive and operating functions saves you important resources. As a result, you'll benefit during commissioning and any service needs.

Remote access

Decentralized pump and well stations can be controlled and monitored via the web-based Sourcetronic Remote Management. In daily practice, it is not always possible to look after all systems on site. Therefore, the remote system helps to monitor and conveniently control the pumps, sensors, meters and pump controllers very effectively.

HMI pump controls