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Direct start star-delta startup

Savings potential by pump control with frequency converter Pump controls with direct start or star-delta start (depending on pump capacity) are suitable for automatic or manual control of three-phase pumps with functions individually tailored to your needs.

Frequency converter

A frequency converter is a power converter that generates an output current variable in frequency and voltage from an alternating current in one or more phases.

Level control

Level Control

The level control does not ensure a constant pressure, but a constant level.

Other temperature sensors

With the resistance-dependent temperature sensors, an external voltage must be applied in order to determine a value.

PID control

PID control universal controller

PID control is used to adjust a controlled variable (e.g. pressure, temperature, frequency, etc.) to the setpoint. For pump control, these PID controllers are of great importance because they are an integrated component that controls the speed of the pump and thus enables automatic operation with all the resulting advantages.

Pressure control

The pressure control has the task of maintaining a certain setpoint at the pressure. This is achieved, for example, by an automatic pump control with connected pressure sensor.

Remote control

Remote control of systems describes the regulation and control of a system from outside.

Submersible motor pump

Ideal pump control for submersible motor pumps Submersible motor pumps are multistage centrifugal pumps that are installed vertically.

Temperature control

Temperature Control

Temperature control is used in various applications, for example in chemical processes, but also for storing temperature-sensitive fillers.

Universal controller

The PID controller is also referred to as a universal controller because of its wide range of applications and differentiated mode of operation.