Groundwater lowering for a large construction site

Construction Pit

Groundwater lowering for an excavation pit of a construction site

Groundwater lowering for a large construction site

Project description

Wells are drilled around the excavation pit. In these, the water depth is always measured with probes. The pumps and probes in the wells are connected to a powerful pump control system, which is located in mobile outdoor control cabinets. The robust cabinets contain a PLC with several redundant power supplies and a UPS. In addition, these control cabinets have a connection to the mobile network. This allows communication with the PLC via a VPN tunnel. Any faults, such as power failures or errors in a measuring device, are immediately reported by SMS and e-mail. Regular pinging ensures that communication is always maintained. In this way, even a total failure is dete

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During construction work, the groundwater in the excavation pit must be lowered should it be deeper than the groundwater level.

Sourcetronic services

  • Project planning and design of the control cabinets
  • Construction of the control cabinets and installation on site
  • Programming of the PLC
  • Testing and documentation according to standards
  • Commissioning on site


  • Immediate, automatic reporting of system malfunctions.
  • Energy-efficient use of the pumps through powerful pump control.

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