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Programming | PLC, Codesys, TIA & Co.

Efficient, structured and safe logic with PLC, TIA & CODESYS

Pump control programming

The goal is to find a structured approach to generate reusable code. Using predefined functionalities for pump controls and function blocks, PLC programs can be created efficiently and quickly. In addition to PLC programming, TIA Portal and CODESYS solutions, Sourcetronic also offers web-based user interfaces as a third supporting pillar. This allows plant engineers and pump operators to effortlessly commission, secure, monitor, manage, replace and update the control systems in use. PLC programming is carried out strictly according to the rules of the IEC 61131 automation standard, which also benefits users who do not have specific programming knowledge. For small automation tasks and in particularly harsh conditions, the intelligent logic module, the LOGO! controller, is used. Appropriate HMI touch panels ensure first-class operability. Highly intuitive panel screens and flowcharts for pump controls have been developed in cooperation with customers and users.

Your advantages

  • Large program library
  • Function blocks for pump controls
  • Safe, efficient and easy to use
  • PLC programming, LOGO! and CODESYS
  • Cloud-based HMI service
  • Retrofit of old systems
  • Commissioning, service and support
  • Standard programming according to IEC-61131