Temporary sewage disposal of a whole city


Generators for the operation of the pump control

Temporary sewage disposal of a whole city

Project description

Three submersible pumps are lowered into the basin to pump up the wastewater, which is then discharged into a nearby basin. Due to local conditions, an island network is set up, consisting of three generators, each of which provides the energy for one pump.

The control system was set up in an outdoor control cabinet, which is located next to the wastewater basin. The level of the basin is detected by two probes. The flow rates of the pumps are recorded by a magnetic-inductive flow measurement. Depending on the requirements, one, two or all three pumps can be operated simultaneously. Through a suitable circuit, the control circuit is fed by a currently running generator, taking into account the case where several generators are in operation.

A PLC, which is equipped with a UPS as well as a mobile phone connection, controls the powerful frequency converters and sends signals to the generators to switch them on and off. In addition, the measured values and signals from the generators are evaluated. The user can thus receive an SMS, for example, when a generator needs to be refueled.

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When a wastewater treatment plant is rebuilt, a city’s wastewater must be temporarily diverted.

Sourcetronic services

  • Project planning and design of the control cabinet
  • Construction of the control cabinet and installation on site
  • Programming of the PLC
  • Standardized testing and documentation
  • Commissioning on site


  • Reliable and energy-efficient detour of wastewater for trouble-free repair of a sewage treatment plant.
  • Permanent evaluation of the measured values and immediate warning in case of malfunctions or problems.

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