Energy saving thanks to speed control

Especially in the field of wastewater technology, it is a considerable advantage to be able to react variably to changing requirements. A classic example is night-time shutdown to save energy during low-load hours. This demonstrates the superiority of a control unit with speed control:

The frequency inverter reduces the energy consumption of the system without having to close the pipe. This advantage offers considerable savings potential.

Energy saving through speed control: Half speed = one eighth of full load power

Plug and Play SPC pump control

Sourcetronic supplies ready-to-install control cabinet solutions for direct use.

The control cabinets are modular and installed on site as a complete solution.

Customized production of control cabinets

Modular design

Control and security

A particular area of application for the SPC pump controller is operational safety. As a rule, there are various uncontrollable influencing variables to which a system must react. Examples of hazards encountered by many municipal and commercial users include backwater, dry running and overheating. Each of these can lead to considerable operating problems or even failure of the wastewater technology. The pump control system can therefore be equipped with intelligent measurement and evaluation systems to ensure operational reliability. The following services are available and can be integrated as required:

Return sludge control

Controlled ventilation ratio

Runtime monitoring and automatic pump change

Level detection, high water alarm and dry run protection

Integration into the control system and high ease of use

Individual adaptation to your requirements

Thanks to individual advice and planning, you get exactly the system you need. We offer everything from a single source: planning, production, installation and commissioning on site.

Conserves valuable resources

Costs are reduced proportionally