Submersible motor pump

Ideal pump control for submersible motor pumps

Submersible motor pumps are multistage centrifugal pumps that are installed vertically.

Example of submersible motor pump

The submersible motor pump is installed below the water level in wells, shafts and basins. The motor is located below the pump stages and is cooled by the surrounding water. If possible, a sinusoidal filter must be installed in the pump control for submersible motor pumps, since shielded lines are not usually provided for these pumps. To protect the vertical bearings, care must be taken when selecting the control system to select a shorter start-up time of approx. 5 seconds and a minimum speed of 30 Hz. Submersible motor pumps are available in extraordinarily powerful designs with flow rates of over 6000 m3/h and heads of over 800m.