Irrigation, sprinkling, water management – optimum flow and perfect pressure in the system are just as crucial for first-class irrigation as reliability and ease of operation. The reliable SPC pump controller with GPS monitoring in the modular outdoor control cabinet regulates the pressure and flow rate as required. This leads to considerable energy and water savings. Furthermore, the pressure reduction with gentle pressure changes made possible by the special PID control for irrigation applications offers additional benefits. These functions help to protect the pipe system, resulting in fewer leaks and less water loss. The convenient control system therefore extends the service life of the pipe system and reduces the need for investment. Experience with many irrigation applications shows that the ST frequency converters in the SPC pump control system are expected to consume 35% less energy compared to alternative pump control systems.


Automated irrigation reduces the workload and enables very precise irrigation. Pressure gauges and meters monitor system performance and diagnose potential problems. Low pressure and / or increased flow rates during normal operation may indicate a leak. Reliable irrigation control can be achieved with two types of pump controllers: open loop systems and closed loop systems. Open-loop systems do not receive any sensory feedback from the irrigated area. The quantities and times of irrigation must therefore be determined by the operator. As a simple irrigation controller, it can be operated solely with a system clock, for example for flushing at preset times. Since humid areas by definition have significant natural rainfall, soil moisture can change unpredictably, making it difficult to plan irrigation. A closed control loop offers many advantages in this respect. Automating irrigation with the help of sensory feedback can prevent nutrient leaching and soil erosion and reduce pumping costs, as irrigation is only applied when the plant actually needs it. The monitoring of the irrigation systems is GSM-supported and can be operated user-friendly from a smartphone.



The areas of application for pump controls in irrigation technology cover a wide range from agriculture to greenkeeping.

A concrete example from practice is a pump control system for drip irrigation in open fields. Control and fault reporting are realized via GSM. This means that communication with the system runs conveniently via the mobile phone network. The automatic pipe burst detection system informs the user immediately if it registers a problem (such as a sharp drop in pipe pressure). This reduces the risk of crop failure during dry weather periods to a minimum.

The pressure regulation for controlling the pump is performed by a frequency converter. In principle, this component can also be controlled via GSM from any location.


Frequency inverters not only switch the pump on and off, they also control the speed of the pump motor. Frequency inverters therefore offer greater operating efficiency not only for the pump but also for the irrigation system. A typical frequency converter works in conjunction with an electronic pressure sensor installed on the irrigation system pipe downstream of the pump. The sensor constantly measures the pressure in the irrigation system and sends this information to the inverter. The inverter then varies the speed of the pump depending on the current pressure measurement. The desired set pressure is set on the control panel. The frequency inverter therefore generally replaces the so-called irrigation control unit.


In summary, an irrigation control system is able to minimize the workload, reduce energy costs, reduce wear and tear on the system and ensure that plants are supplied with water as required. For this to work, solutions with individually developed software are required. We have specialized in this and offer you complete solutions for irrigation control.

After in-depth specialist advice, planning and development, we provide you with ready-to-use systems that can be put into operation immediately. Whether for the irrigation machine in potato cultivation or the automated lawn sprinkler on the golf course – please contact us and we will realize your irrigation project.